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Free software developed with C# .Net for You to download and to use

E Dev News in short. !

AppCheck a tool to check the pre-requisits needed for E-Peek.

E-Peek a analyze tool is out.
Check the Tools page.

Our Latest Work for free !

AppCheck is a free utility that checks the pre-requiqites needed to run E-Peek.

E-Peek is a free utility that generates an in depth report of registry and file settings from your computer.

E-Profile helps you to make it easier to post relevant pc information on a forum.

Well motivated team !

E Dev also make use of dedicated Beta testers.
Well organized and focused to achieve our goal.

If you feel like participating in this project,
then please contact me for further details.


About us

E Dev Software is a initiative of Onsia Patrick (aka Emphyrio).
Since 2005 he works as a malware specialist
on different forums on the Web.

E Dev Software make tools developed in C# .Net.
We also do website building in XHTML and CSS.

We provide Intellectual Services ICT where we specialized in Malware Research.

Our current and active client list includes most notably Malwarebytes Corporation.



Onsia Patrick

Future projects

E-Peek 3.1

A analysetool..view project

News & Updates


AppCheck 1.0 released for public..


E-Peek 3.0 released for public..


E-Profile released !
Searching for a easy way too paste your PC information on forum topics?
Read further....