PC Info - Manual

Download PC Info from here PCInfoDL

1. Why PC Info ?

PC Info is developed with the need of the user to get the right and relevant info on a forum and the helper to required it.

Questions like:

  • Which processor?
  • How much RAM?
  • Whats the size of your HD?
  • How much space I have left?
  • Which Vidcard ?
  • When was the last time you updated Windows and did it succeed?
  • Which processes are running?
  • Do I have Java installed and which version?

The Expert Mode logs registry keys, processes, job files and more...
Needless to say this mode is meant for Qualified Helpers and not for the novice.

You can get them now with only a few clicks. For the user this means the end of a frustrating search,
For the Helper it means getting the relevant information required. Both benefit from this tool !
The price: Free !

No toolbars, no spyware,snearware or any "-ware" what so ever.
And not in the least important: fast !

Important :You have to be logged in with full rights to make use of PC Info.


2. General Information

After installing PC Info, double click (or run as Admin) PC Info.
The scanning shall start......

After the scanning, the following screen is presented:

Legend :

  1. Tabs.............: Different choices.
  2. Refresh.........: Restart PC Info.
  3. Create Log....: Make a log of the sections selected in Logs.
  4. Info Screen...: The status of PC Info.
  5. Off knop........: Close PC Info (the log shall be deleted also).

In the Logs tab you can change the marks to your needs.
Standard its set on Software.

The Expert Mode is for qualified logreaders only .
The rest may be used / advized by anyone, provided you aren't breaking any forum rules.

3. Updaten

Through the Update tab and the Check Update button you can check for newer versions.

When there is a newer version of PC Info present, you shall see the version in the Update window.
Next PC Info is closed and you will be directed towards the E Dev website There you will be presented with new(er) version of PC Info.


Please delete the older version(s) of PC Info first.

In the event there isn't a newer version available, a windows will popup with the follwing message: