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About Emphyrio ...

Born @ Mechelen (Belgium) on December 14, 1959 as Onsia Patrick.
Studies: Chemie, Informatica .
Profession: Chemical Analyst.
Hobbies: Music (piano en synth), design & painting, Kalligrafie, RPG games, malware fighting and programming (C#).


MeMusic performance: With Tsj@ (from Belgian Asociality )
De Velinx (Tongeren), Ancien Belgique (Brussel),...

At the moment studio musician thanks too FL Studio 10.
My musical creations you can listen on My Space.





My first oilpainting (1995) =>

Different sorts of inkt designs and aquarels but,
stupid me, no photos :(




ZX 80

First PC (^-^) was a ZX80 with 1K ram memory.
After this quickely came the ZX81, VIC-20, COMMODORE 64
and 128, BBC Computer (6502c).

This last o got me into ASM programming..
en Z-80A where the targets.

That was 1980.


First contact with the Internet was back in 2003 !

First HJT fix I wrote back in 2005 on forum.
For me that was the start of a growing intrest in malware research and fighting..

Since 2005 I chose Emphyrio as my nickname, after a novell of Jack Vance.

Programming in C# .Net is also a part of my routine. You can find those apps at E Dev.

My references:


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