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Cleaning your pc.

Now and then it is really necessary to clean up your PC.
Especially if you often download and remove programs.

This operation always leaves traces that, over time, can slowdown your PC.

For all a little more clearly, I will gradually drop procedures.


Now we're starting to clean up, I want to emphasize the following: Backup your files !

In other words, make a backup of your important files.
Don't forget your email addresses, contacts, your favorites, drivers, etc....

The only tool that we will use is Ccleaner. How to install and use this tool can be found in Tools


Close all unnecessary programs (MSN, Yahoo messenger, ....)

Print this procedure, your browser, you can also close.

All done? A few hour too spare ?

Lets start then .........


1. Temporary files.

Run Ccleaner, check for updates and run both procedures (cleaning and scanning).


2. Checking the harddisk for errors.





3. Defragmentation of the HD.

Goto start > Run and typ: defrag C:   ( C: is your harddrive with Windows on it.)
Click on [Enter].


4. Update the Software.

Go to Secunia Online (OSI) and let the Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI) scan your computer.

The Secunia Online Software Inspector scans the computer for programs that are not updated
and therefore a potential vulnerabilities for malware.

Check the "Enable Thorough inspection system before you start scanning..
This allows OSI also find those programs not installed in the default location.

If an up-to-date program is found, it will be marked in red as "insecure" and you are able to get through the 'download' link to download the latest version.


5. Managing the Startups.

You can get some advice and info at Bleeping Computer Startup List.

Nota :

MSN (Windows Live Messenger) is a bit of a different: