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Fighting viruses, spyware, trojans


In this topic we will clean your PC from possible malware (viruses, spyware, trojans).

This is a considerable task and requires some time, but you will see that you enjoy it later.
Your computer will run faster again and you lost that s**t. ^_^

1. Preparation...


2. Disable disruptive tools

First we check that no interfering tools are present:

Is your trash bin is protected by Norton?

Empty the Norton Recycle Bin first .

It is best to remove even the extra protection through:
Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
Next see if you do have a service running with the name Norton unerase protection .
If you see it, double-click it, turn the service off and restart the PC.

Do you have TeaTimer or SDHelper on ( Spybot Search & Destroy)?

While solving problems of malware you best stop this service
because it (unintentionally) can prevent the execution.

If everything is done and your HJT log is clean, you can turn this service back on.

When TeaTimer gives you afterwards a warning that changes have been made,
accept this as good, instead of blocking them.

Do you have one of these CD / DVD emulators on your PC:

Then do the following:

3. At work...

Always check that you have the latest version and update .




Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM)

3. Diagnose

Have you, during the operation in Step 2, encounter no difficulties
and there is no further mention of malware, then we have cleaned up your PC.

If on the other hand you say to yourself: "Yes, but my PC is still slow ..."
then take a look at the topic Cleaning.

A slow computer does not always mean that you have malware on your system.

If there are still reports of malware despite the procedures performed, or is there something fishy,
​​then its best practice to post your problem on one of the following listed forums.