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Welcome !

Pop ups, ads, virusses, spyware, trojans, malware,pc going slow, sites blocking...
Sounds well-known ?

Based on this site procedures, we shall try to solved the problem and remove the malware.

Is this just an other security site ? No !

Whats the difference then ?

Because I'm not bothered by malware, it seems a good idea to pass on my configuration.
The tools I use are shown in the left pane.

The combination of these tools is carefully chosen and work well on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Step by step.....

About this project...

A few more years whend by since the launch of this site and time has not stood still.
Much has now changed and this count even more for malware fighting.

Root- and bootkits have been introduced, making the fight against malware has become harder and more grim.

This website has emerged from a need for clear and understandable explanation to what security software to use and how best to guard your pc against malware.

Comments and suggestions can always be spend at Emphyrio's Security Blog.

This website...

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Emphyrio :)