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Prevention, installation of security software.

Some advice about using your PC and Internet:
A well-armed PC and Forewarned user is like a essential foundation
upon which you build a house.
If the foundation is weak, the house will not stand ....

1. Prevention

Much can already be done by your own common sense


2. Installing the tools

Let us assume there that you have a clean computer (or you just have to reinstall everything).
You've had enough of have to wasted hours of installing your updates, drivers, etc..

Well then you've come to the right place and it is now a good time to install your security tools .

First remove all the trial versions of security tools that you might would have put on your PC.
The reason is that trials, over time, give you a false sense of security.

Download and install the following tools (you can also find them under My Tools):


With these tools you're already well equipped to go on the Web.
Do you want more information about these tools, just visit the Tools page on this website.

Next make a folder on your desktop called Maintenance.

Put in this folder, the following shortcuts:

This way you have your tools always at hand.