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Feb 3 2018


Prerequisites requirements

If your Operatings System is been up to date, the requirements can't be a problem :)
If not, then the installer will take care of this problem and thus require a internet connection.

If you in need to check this before the installation, you can make use of AppCheck.

Installation instructions

  • Log in with fully admin rights.
  • Switch your active security tools(s) off.
  • Close all running tools.
  • Remove any previous E-Peek.
  • Click on the download button and download E-Peek.zip to your desktop
  • Unpack the zip file.
  • Rightclick on E-Peek 3.0 and run with Admin rights.

Download the zipfile E-Peek


Change logs

3 Feb 2018


22 June 2015

Fixed some bug in browser routine where there was generated a unhandle error.

26 May 2015

Fixed some minor bugs
Added extra Browser routines (Google Chromium and Canary).
Better profile detection in Google Chrome, Chromium and Canary. All profiles logged now.

26 Ma 2015

Improved and updated the Google Chrome detection.

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